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Easytrak™ empowers leading businesses to excel by helping them to easily track, access, interpret and use complex, difficult or previously inaccessible information about their operations.

Enabling end-to-end operational visibility

As more and more companies embrace digitization to optimize and streamline their operations, the emergence of new technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and ubiquitous connectivity provide new ways of understanding the transformation required to be undertaken to maximize efficiencies.

Innovative technologies under one umbrella

Bringing together all aspects of these innovative technologies under one umbrella, Easytrak™ makes it easy for companies undertaking a digital transformation journey to gain an immediate advantage in the market, making the operation more efficient, more profitable, safer and more sustainable.

What is Easytrak

Easytrak™ is an open and secure ecosystem, centered around an API-driven platform bringing together historical and real time data from assets, as well as third party data sources to offer operational teams recommendations on actions to undertake to increase efficiencies.

From simple monitoring, to complete automation of business processes through advanced workflows, the Easytrak™ solution has been developed from the ground up to be data source agnostic, making it easy to integrate and derive intelligence from new data feeds.encies.

Easytrak Business Lines

Hire and Rental

Easytrak™ Hire and Rental is where it all started – bringing mixed fleet capabilities into the platform with leading equipment suppliers like JLG, Hilti, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, among others, and complemented by additional overlay devices, makes it possible to centrally operate your portfolio of assets, and evolve your commercial offerings to minimize delivery and maintenance costs and increase asset productivity.


Easytrak™ Fleet enables business Fleet owners and operators to have a complete view of their operation on one screen. Integrating into any vehicles Onboard Data Bus, Easytrak™ Fleet makes it easy to manage maintenance schedules, vehicle safety and fuel costs, whilst providing you with historical data view of every vehicle’s trip.

Cold Logistics

With Easytrak™ Cold Logistics, we provide you with traceability and piece of mind with regards to logistics of fresh produce. This means less wasted produce, less wasted fuel and the ability to provide complete traceability back to your customers about the in-transit state of the products you are carrying.


Easytrak™ Transport addresses the need for 3PLs to provide transparency to their customers on the whereabouts and status of the goods they carry on their behalf, providing all the tools in one platform to aggregate and expose datasets to the various stakeholders of the supply chain.

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